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Die Mannschaft has improved as the tournament has worn on. Their 7 1 demolition of Brazil came against a country that had not lost a competitive match on home soil in about 40 years. Given that the outcome was decided so early in the game, Germany didn't have to exert itself especially hard, mentally or physically.

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Marie Claire, (November 2006) by contrast presents readers with a totally different brand image that is serious and practical with an interest in current issues, like the readers it hopes to attract. This image is created through codes and conventions, for example the use of blue as a background colour and green and white cover text. Readers associate the colours used with sensibility and seriousness and the calm, dull colours imply that the magazine is more stayed and less sensationalist than its competitors. The cover of Marie Claire is also far less busy than Cosmo and does not create a sense of hype by bombarding the eye with bright colours and lots of text. The typeface is fairly uniform and there are only six 'leads' (Wilmshurst and Mackay (1999) p.206) to the articles inside the magazine on its cover.

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When asked, 'Who is the best player ever', who do you think of? Pele, Maradonna, Beckenbauer, Bobby Moore, Zidane, Bobby Charlton. What do all these have in common.? the answer is international success, the World.

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